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Let's Start at the Very Beginning

This is my new BookBlog - I'm trying to write a novel which I intend to self-publish, but life has got in the way leaving me little time for the sort of concentrated attention writing demands.  So, I am making do with reading in snatched moments, and intend to add books as I read them, rather than cataloguing all 822 books my tiny house already contains.


I have set myself a challenge of 18 books in 2013, only because I'm starting in September and it works out at about a book a week.  Let's see how we get on.


I like a lot of genres: crime, historical fiction, 19thC British Lit, history, and modern American theology and its intersection with politics.


If I get chance, I'll try to review at least some of the books I read but ..... like I said, life is a wee bit complicated and stressful at the moment.